Friday, 26 November 2010

Bogus Windows Azure Tools Installer Error Message

Many have probably gone before me, and figured this out, but just thought I’d post this small tip.  (At least one person had a similar problem as shown here).

If you go here to get the Windows Azure tools installer, and you install on a machine or VM that happens to ONLY have Visual Studio 2010 on it, but not Visual Studio 2008, you get this error message:


Huh?  This seems alarming, especially since it says “it is recommended that you address these warnings before continuing.”

But there’s no cause for Alarm, because it’s actually Bogus, with a capital “B”.

Why should I care that it won’t install the tools for VS 2008, if I don’t have VS 2008 on my machine?  Couldn’t MS have made the installer smart enough to figure that out, and shouldn’t that be okay?  Or display a more intelligent message, like “you don’t appear to have Visual Studio 2008 installed, so only the tools for VS 2010 will be installed” ?

Clicking “Continue” (with a capital “C”) causes it to install the tools for VS 2010.  There you have it, the ABCs of this installer…

Alarmed?  Bogus.  Continue.

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