Friday, 15 April 2011

Thanks Razorfish!

Tuesday April 19th, 2011 will be my last day at Razorfish London.  After a couple weeks of holiday in the States, in early May I’ll be starting a new job as a Senior Consultant at Hitachi Consulting located near London Bridge.

I learned a great deal while I was at Razorfish and got a chance to work with some incredibly talented creative people and front-end developers. 

Some amazing changes in the world of mobile, cloud computing and various other areas will be sweeping the planet in the coming years, and as one of the world’s premier media agencies, Razorfish will be at the forefront of these changes. 

With respect to my own work at Razorfish London, I learned a lot about SharePoint, web services, LINQ, jQuery, and particularly MVC 2 (and a bit of MVC 3); test-driven development; as well as a good bit of Silverlight and Microsoft Surface dev work.

So I just wanted to write a quick blog post to say thanks to my managers and colleagues.  I’ll miss you guys, but it was time for a change.  I really appreciated the opportunity to work with you and I wish everyone at Razorfish all the best. 

And I’m looking forward to some holiday!  Then it’s on to new challenges at Hitachi.

Best Regards,


London, UK