Monday, 12 November 2012

The description for Event ID ( 3 ) in Source ( TFSShellExt ) cannot be found.

So I’ve been on a few projects for my employer Hitachi Consulting UK.  For one of them, the client was maintaining the TFS server.  At some point I finished my work on that project and moved on to other projects.  But for some reason I couldn’t get rid of the reference to the TFS server.  Visual Studio kept trying to connect to it when I would launch Visual Studio 2010, and it was failing to connect because I was no longer authorized to hit that URL, because I’m no longer on the project.  This would lead to errors in the Windows Application log that looked like the one described in this post.

I tried to clear the cache (by deleting the cache folder) as described in the aforementioned post, and also here.  But every time I tried to delete it the cache folder kept coming back.  It seems to have something to do with TFS Power Tools.

In the end what solved it for me was deleting the Cache folder, running Task Manager, killing the two processes “TfsComProviderSvr.exe”, then re-booting.  Then the Application Log messages stopped appearing when I would launch Visual Studio.  Now I can launch VS without those errors occurring.



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