Thursday, 11 December 2014

A few AngularJS resources

In the past year or so I've been taking quite an interest in AngularJS.  I've read the O'Reilly book by Brad Green and Shyam Seshadri; the Apress book by Adam Freeman; I'm doing a Pluralsight course by Shawn Wildermuth; there's a good set of blog posts by a guy called Nils Naegele.  Tons of stuff also on Stack Overflow also.  And there are many other Pluralsight courses.

The Pluralsight course is particularly interesting in that it seems the way forward for developers who work with the Microsoft technology stack such as myself.  Using Azure, EF and ASP.NET / MVC WebAPI on the back-end, and Angular on the front-end appears to be the state of the art at the moment.  I'm also quite impressed with the ease with which I was able to set up a development VM in Azure, and I'm using that VM to follow along with the Wildermuth course.

It's all good stuff.  And I'm working on an app on which to apply all this newfound knowledge.

Happy Holidays!


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