Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Where is Chutzpah installed?

I've been going through Shawn Wildermuth's Pluralsight course on Bootstrap, AngularJS, ASP.NET, EF and Azure.  There's a point toward the end of module 9, "unit testing", where he installs the Chutzpah test runner.  At the time the videos for the course were recorded, Chutzpah lived on Codeplex, but now it lives on Github.

In the video, Shawn installs Chutzpah, then goes into a bit about running Chutzpah from the command prompt.  That all seemed like a bit of magic to me, sort of like when the cooking shows just suddenly show you the cake that's already been baked, and it was not obvious to me where the .exe for Chutzpah actually got installed.  So for what it's worth, although I installed the Visual Studio extension as described in the video (using the Tools... Extensions and Updates... menu option in VS2013), I subsequently installed Chutzpah as shown here, then after some head-scratching, simply did a search of my local drive in Windows and found the console .exe actually gets installed in the "packages" directory of the solution, as shown here:

(i.e., in my case, that path was):

C:\Users\DavidBarrows\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\MessageBoard\packages\Chutzpah.3.2.6\tools

Hope this helps somebody.

Cheers, dB

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